Saturday, August 30, 2014

Controlling your emotions

Easier said than done, especially if you are raised in a very emotional Latin family! Our family runs at the speed of lightening and everything is a drama. I'm simply exhausted thinking about it. Enter hubby and my entire life changed right before their very eyes!

You don't have passion anymore.
He's changed you (as if that were a bad thing).
Don't you love us anymore?

Whoa! I am just capable of living without all that drama now. And it feels really good. As a matter of fact, it feels wonderful and freeing. Deep breath, sigh, and exhale. Yes, it's so much better to be in control.

Even when someone is disrespectful or uncaring. Now I can look at that person and think, "Poor thing! She must really hurt to want to do that to me! I wonder what happened to her as a little girl?"

And the scenario is automatically NOT about me any longer and I can control my wonderful, happy feelings, even in the midst of gross disrespect and distrust. Definitely freeing! Why don't you try it? Run over to my blog @ and find out more about living a joyous life....

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